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Canine Ambassador

AKC Canine Ambassadors are volunteers from our club who are available to come to your classroom, youth group, PTO, YMCA, etc. We bring our dogs to teach children and adults about the world of dogs.

The points that we like to stress are safety around dogs, and that every dog should have some training to make it a dog that everyone wants to live with.

With so many children being bitten , we feel that if we teach children how to act around dogs maybe less children will have to deal with a dog bite.  It is a two-way street . Children need to respect the dog and the dog needs to be exposed to these kinds of situations.

The dog/child bond can be one of life's most rewarding experiences. I know it was for me! So, that is why I love to go out and show a child just how a dog likes to be petted or to remind them what to do if they see a lost dog. To have the backing of the American Kennel Club says to me that this is a very good thing to be doing.

Hope to see you at one of our presentations!

Bernie Abbott
BDTA AKC Canine Ambassador

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